【Sanyo Shimbun】Challenges in Decarbonization - Expanding Actions - Special Feature


According to a newspaper article, the challenge is stated to be the heavy burden of the initial investment. While the cost of small-scale hydroelectric power is seven times higher compared to solar power, its operating efficiency (efficiency and operating time) increases by five to eight times.
*Excerpt from the newspaper article:
ELIS is steadily taking steps towards solving these challenges. In the agricultural water channels of Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, they put into operation an improved waterwheel with modified blade shapes in December of last year. The power generation efficiency reaches a maximum of 62%, which is a 15-point improvement over conventional devices. They are also researching to find the optimal position for water flow, which contributes to the early recovery of the initial investment. The development of small-scale devices for installation in building and factory pipelines has entered the final adjustment stage.
With over 17 years since entering the business, they have seen an increase in inquiries from construction companies and energy companies in response to the global decarbonization trend. President Kuwahara expresses his determination, saying, "This energy can also serve as an emergency power source during disasters. We want to establish a localized model of power generation and consumption and use it as a stepping stone to promote widespread adoption.

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