【Oil Industry Newspaper】ELIS was introduced by a panel at the Okayama SDGs award as a 'particularly outstanding initiative'.


The introduction of the efforts of ELIS,which was awarded as a 'particularly outstanding initiative' at the Okayama SDGs Awards ceremony held on 3 December last year, is being displayed on panels at the Okayama SDGs Plaza until the end of March.The report also introduces the use of WaterWeco® to provide peace of mind and a good night's sleep to campers in small EVs through quiet patrols, and the goals and prospects for future initiatives in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, as a case study.The initiative will contribute to SDGs targets(7) 'Make energy clean for all', (11)'Create cities where people can continue to live', (12)'Take responsibility for making and using energy ' and (13) 'Take measures to tackle climate change'.

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