Electricity sales and community contribution business

Issues before installation

Since the installation site was in a heavy snowfall area, there were concerns (before installation) about the risk of flooding due to snow jams and the cost of dust countermeasures, but there were no problems at all, and the maintenance cost was reduced as garbage passed through the water turbine. It has been shown to be significantly reduced. In addition, it was a structure that can secure a fishway, which is difficult with a water-collecting type water wheel, so biodiversity can be taken into consideration.

Installation purpose

Electricity sales and community contribution projects

Benefits of Introduction

A portion of the income from electricity sales can be returned to the local community and a system for supplying locally produced and consumed electricity can be established, contributing to the revitalisation of local industry,etc.


Place of installation:  Minamiuonuma City,Niigata Prefecture
Waterwheel: Open type fluid water turbine
Shape: Diameter 3150mm Width 1300mm Height 4000mm
Maximum flow: 26000ℓ/s
Rated power output: 11.0kW
Crop start period: December,2022

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