Electricity sales and community contribution business

Issues before installation

It was unclear whether the research and development of efficient equipment for installation in rapid-flow waterway would yield results.
However,the shape of the blades(design) based on analysis of hundreds of patterns of blades in model tests and a mechanism(patented) that can maintain stable output even with fluctuating flow rates were developed, and a dusting device was also made unnecessary, which significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Installation purpose

Electricity sales and community contribution projects

Benefits of Introduction

A portion of the income from electricity sales can be returned to the local community and a system for supplying locally produced and consumed electricity can be established, contributing to the revitalisation of local industry,etc.


Place of installation:  Minamiuonuma City,Niigata Prefecture
Waterwheel: Open type fluid water turbine
Shape: Diameter 3150mm Width 1300mm Height 4000mm
Maximum flow: 26000ℓ/s
Rated power output: 11.0kW
Crop start period: December,2022

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