【Oil Industry Newspaper】Small hydropower “WaterWeco®” PR video released on UNIDO Tokyo office website


ELIS announced on the 11th of July, ELIS was announced that a PR video for the small hydroelectric power generation system "WaterWeco®" manufactured and sold by ELIS was released on the website of UNIDO Tokyo office on the same day. “WaterWeco®” has been highly evaluated for its small hydroelectric power generation technology that can generate electricity with high efficiency even with a low head and won the Excellence Award at the “EcoPro Awards 2021” for the first time for an LP gas-related company. That award was made possible by being registered with the STePP (Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform). PR video is about 3 minutes. There are Japanese and English versions, and President Kuwabara explains the features of "WaterWeco®".

【UNIDO, Tokyo Office】Established in March 1981 with the aim of promoting direct investment and technology transfer from Japan, mainly to support sustainable economic development in developing and emerging countries. The official name is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Tokyo Investment and Technology Transfer Promotion Office, and the secretariat is located in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Headquarters are in Vienna, Austria. There are currently 170 member countries.

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