【Oil Industry Newspaper】Our SDGs declaration is now open to the public


On June 7th, the Okayama Shinkin Bank (Okayama City) announced 19 companies and organizations that have declared SDGs in 2021 through the "Okayama Shinki SDGs Diagnosis Support Service" that supports efforts for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). ELIS was the first LP gas-related company to win the highest award in the business category of the Okayama Shinkin SDGs Award 2021. The SDGs action declaration is as follows (the number is the goal number).

(Declaration date December 8, 2021) Through the small hydropower business, we will build an energy supply system for areas without electricity and during disasters and be actively involved in creating a sustainable future society full of smiles for children.

【Work/Life/Balance; ③Good Health and well-being, ⑤Gender equality, ⑧Decent work and economic growth】 We use telework to reduce the burden on employees who are raising children.

【Sustainable management; ⑨Industry, innovation and infrastructure ⑪Sustainable cities and communities】We will contribute to society through disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction with our unique technology products and services.

【Partnership; ①No poverty ⑪⑰Partnership for the goal】Working with local governments and other companies to conserve the local environment through small hydropower initiatives.

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