【Oil Industry Newspaper】 Received the Eco-Pro Award Excellence Award


The small hydroelectric power generation system "WaterWeco®" manufactured and sold by ELIS (Okayama City) won the Excellence Award for the first time as an LP gas group company at the "4th Eco-Pro Award" (sponsored by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization). (Omitted) "In anticipation of a carbon-free society in 2050, fossil fuel LP gas is in a transitional period. The fact that small hydropower was laid down in that transitional period will lead to synergistic effects within the group." In recent years, not only earthquakes but also flood damage has increased rapidly. Many systems use a propeller system. Due to its structure, "WaterWeco®" does not use the same formula and does not require a device to remove dust. He explained again that the system is resistant to natural disasters.

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