【Oil Industry Newspaper】March 23, 2021 Issue “Hayato Maruyama (Waseda University) Introducing ELIS’s Initiatives Micro mini-hydroelectric generation + Local Community”


Under the jurisdiction of Tsubame Holding (Okayama City), the efforts of ELIS (President Jun Kuwahara, the city) of mini hydrpower production and sales were introduced at an online seminor hosted by the 21st Century Asia Study Group held on February 27. In 2017 (Heisei 29), the company said "Compete with the world on high-perfoemance water turbine generators (WaterWeco) accumulated in Japan," "Contribution to non-electrified areas around the world," and "Inquiries and connections from Southeast Asia." It contributes to peacebuilding by Japanese companies in Myanmar. Based on this thought, Hayato Maruyama, a registered small and medium-sized enterprise diagnostician enrolled in the Faclty of Social Sciences, Waseda University, made a presentation under the title "Role of Japanese Companies in International Cooperation and Peacebuilding-Focusing on Myanmar." Mr. Maruyama introduced the company as a "leading company in micro hydropower", a "fabless" type business company that mainly specializes in R&D and consultation and does not own its own factory. (Excerpt)

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