Use of mini-EV charging

Issues before installation

We were anxious that the various procedures behind installtion could be complicated and long term.

Installation purpose

By effectively utilizing the water discharged from the power plant and charging the local production and local consumption of electricity by mini hydroelectric power generation = EV, the energy cost related to movement will be significantly reduced, and greenhouse gases will be significantly reduced. In addition, we will provide on-site lectures on environmental energy to children who will lead the future.

Benefits of Introduction

It was found that the energy of flowing water can be effectively recovered even if there is no head. In addition to significantly reducing the environmental load, it was possible to secure electricity in the event of a disaster, providing a sense of security to campsite users.


Place of installation:  646-9 Kuroki, Kamo-cho, Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture
Waterwheel: WaterWeco®(Open type undershot water wheel)
Shape: Diameter 1400mm Width  1216mm Hight 4440mm
Maximum flow: 990ℓ/s
Rated power output: 0.5kW
Crop start period: November 16, 2018

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