【Report】Mini hydroelectric power generation workshop hosted by Okayama Prefecture Global Warming Countermeasure Office and Arable Land Division


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 14: 00-

A mini hydropower workshop sponsored by Okayama Prefecture was held at the Okayama Prefectural Library Multipurpose Hall.

First, Mr. Keiko Kodera, Director of the New Energy and Global Warming Countermeasures Office, Environment Department, Okayama Prefecture, gave the opening remarks.

Next, as a lecture, Mr. Kyoko Honda, an associate professor of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, Okayama University, gave a lecture entitled "Creating and Protecting Mini Hydropower in the Region".

The theme of the lecture was neither an electric power company nor an administration ... What is "a mechanism by which a region creates and protects mini hydropower"?  It is easy to talk about the history and characteristics of mini hydropower in Japan, especially in the Chugoku region, the existence of leaders of the mini hydropower development movement, issues (cooperation with the outside," autonomy * "in the region), etc.

* The importance of "autonomy" to actively work outside to obtain the necessary support to solve regional issues, rather than excessively demanding economic and financial "independence"

Next, Mr. Keizo Shirahata, the chief of the Nishiawakura Village Industrial Tourism Division, who is actively working on natural energy such as mini hydroelectric power generation in Okayama prefecture, gave a case study under the title of "Mini hydroelectric power generation in Nishiawakura village".

"Our company also visited the mini hydroelectric power plant, and the high potential of natural energy in the mountainous area and the utilization of the local natural energy as electricity sales revenue and independent power source, in the mountainous area. I was once again impressed by the high level of motivation for actively creating low-carbon model areas, and was proud of the existence of such local governments in Okayama Prefecture. "

Lastly, Mr. Yoshihiro Fujiwara, Water Administration Group, River Division, Civil Engineering Department, Okayama Prefecture, provided information and explained "Procedures for permission to use water".

He explained in detail the necessary knowledge to conduct the mini hydroelrctric power generation business that introducing a registration system for mini hydropower (revision of the River Act), simplifying the procedure for using water for mini hydropower related to conventional water rights, and checking water intake data based on the status of notification of water rights.

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