【Petrochemical Newspaper】Okayama SDGs Award, ELIS


ELIS CO.,LTD.(headquartered in Okayama City,President Jun Kuwahara),a Tsubame Gas Group company engaged in environmental business,was selected as the winner of the "Okayama SDGs Award 2022" for "paticularly outstanding efforts".The award was established in 2008 by the Okayama SDGs Study Group(chaired by Shigehiko Fujiki),an Okayama regional development council,to "encourage the promotion of initiatives that are rooted in the Okayama region and are expected to lead to the resolution of issues that will help people to live sustainably and create vitality with the SDGs as a watchword.This year,a total of 30 organizations,including businesses and educational institutions in the prefecture,applied for the SDGs.Five experts evaluated the applications for their contribution to the local community and feasibility in resolving issues,and three companies,including ELIS,were seleted as particularly outstanding.The company applied for the initiative to"provide campers with peace of mind and a good night's sleep through quiet security patrols using a small EV that utilizes WaterWeco®,a breastshot waterwheel".

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