【Announcement】Lecture on WaterWeco®


At the 2022 Zero Carbon Study Group organised by Okayama City,under the theme ’Solutions for the maximum introduction of renewable energies.The lecture will be given on 'Miro-hydro power generation using irrigation canals etc.'.
Date:31 Jan(Tue),2023,13:30-15:30.
Place:Okayama City Naka Ward Office(3-7-15 Hama,Naka-ku,Okayama City)Organised by Okayama City.
Industry:Companies related to the theme of each meeting
Academia:Okayama University
Government:A total of 13 cities and towns in the Okayama Coordinated Core City Region*,Kurashiki City,*Okayama City,Tsuyama City,Tamano City,Soja City,Bizen City,Setouchi City,Akaiwa City,Maniwa City,Wake Town,Hayashima Town,Kumenan Town,Misaki Town and Kibichuo Town.
Contact:Bizen Green Energy Corporation,Bisiness Department,
※Online viewing is also available!

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