【Sangyohodoushuppan】Highly Commented for Research and Development of Small Hydropower ELIS (Okayama SDGs Award)


(Okayama City,President Jun Kuwahara) ,a group company of Tsubame Holdings,was selected as the winner of the "Okayama SDGs Award 2022" (sponsored by the Okayama SDGs Study Group of the Okayama Regional Development Council) on November 24.The award recognizes companies and organizations that are making advanced efforts in the environment,welfare,and other fields under the slogan of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) rooted in Okayama.Among renewable energies, solar power does not generate power when it rains, and wind power has the weakness that it does not generate power unless the wind blows, so small-scale hydroelectric power generation is now attracting attention. In this year's competition, research and developmenr to eliminate the disincentive for the spread of small-scale hydroelectric power generation received high marks.

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