【Oil Industry Newspaper】Growing expectations for small hydropower generation CN, technology that leads to environmental friendliness


ELIS (Okayama City, President Jun Kuwabara), a group company of Tsubame Holdings, which deals with natural energy and renewable energy business, has been working on "micro hydropower generation" (small hydropower generation) since 2007. Small-scale hydropower generation is being jointly developed by ELIS, Nagasaki University, and West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory, the system is designed to generate power by installing it in small rivers and irrigation canals scattered throughout the country. The advantage of hydroelectric power generation is that it can generate electricity effectively even in a low-head, low-flow environment, does not destroy the natural environment, and can generate electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of the weather. Expectations are rising for their technology as a technology that will lead to the realization of carbon neutral (CN) in the future.

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