【Oil Industry Newspaper】Dispatch of small hydropower information, President of ELIS, Mr. Kuwahara gives a seminar


“Renewable Energy Aggregation and Small Hydropower seminar” (sponsored by the Fukushima Renewable Energy Center.) was recorded and stream on demand from mid-February to late February, President Jun Kuwahara of ELIS gave a lecture entitled "Development of Small Hydropower and Utilization in the Community". ELIS is a company under the jurisdiction of Tsubame Holdings, which mainly sells LP gas retail sales of Tsubame Gas (Okayama City), and ELIS manufactures and sells the environmental energy business and its own small hydroelectric power generation system "WaterWeco®". The seminar was given using the agricultural canal power generation that started operation in March 2016(rated power generation 7.5kw, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture) as an example as an ETV (environmental technology demonstration project of the Ministry of the Environment), the contents was including; Candidate site selection method / reason,

Installation process, Maintenance, Cooperation with the community and benefits, Future prospects and challenges. The purpose of this seminar was to learn about the development of small hydropower as distributed energy and the efforts for regional implementation, for the members of the center. Fukushima Prefecture formulated the "Fukushima Revitalization Station'' aiming for a sustainable society in 2011, the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fukushima Revitalization Station, Fukushima Prefectural Government have formulated a 10-year plan "Fukushima Revitalization Station 2021" with this year as the first year. In connection with the formulation, many seminars were recorded and stream on demand from February to March, In addition to small hydropower, there were seminars such as "Mechanism of re-energy aggregation for carbon neutrality", "Maintenance and management of photovoltaic power generation for long-term stable power generation", and "Building a new decentralized energy society".

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