【Petrochemical Newspaper】Lecture by Mr. Kuwahara, President of ELIS on the theme of small hydropower. on-demand delivery in February.


Jun Kuwahara, president of ELIS (Okayama City), which is engaged in environmental projects in the Tsubame Gas Group, will give a lecture at the "Renewable Energy Aggregation and Small Hydropower Seminar" sponsored by the Fukushima Renewable Energy Center. President Kuwahara will give a lecture on the theme of "Development of small hydropower generation and utilization in the region". Specifically, he will give a lecture on the process leading up to commercialization, the systems used, methods for solving possible problems, utilization of electric power, and business models in the near future. In addition, Hideki Shinkai, CEO of TNK and the Marketing Executive of renewable energy business unit at Toshiba ESS will give a lecture on "Mechanism of Re-energy Aggregation for Realization of Carbon Neutral". Each lecture lasts 45 minutes and will be delivered on-demand (zoom recording) for about 10 days from the middle to the end of February.

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