【Announcement】 Fukushima Renewable Energy Center Renewable Energy Aggregation and Small Hydropower seminar


From mid to late February 2022, Jun Kuwahara, President of Elis Co., Ltd., will hold on the "Renewable Energy Aggregation and Small Hydropower Seminar" sponsored by the Fukushima Renewable Energy Center.


In order to expand the introduction of renewable energy such as highly variable solar power generation, it is necessary to properly combine distributed energy resources such as storage batteries to secure a balance between supply and demand (aggregation technology). Aggregation technology is also important in utilizing locally distributed energy such as small hydropower. This time, we will learn about the mechanism and status of renewable energy aggregation technology, the development of small hydropower as distributed energy, and the efforts for regional implementation.


Schedule:         Around mid-February to late February (On-demand) 45 min for each seminar

Admission:        Free for member of Fukushima Renewable Energy Center

 2000 yen for non-member

Available:         100 people

      (1)[ Mechanism of renewable energy aggregation for carbon neutrality]

  • Realization of carbon neutrality requires independence of renewable energy, overcoming systematic issues, and coexistence with the community. 
  • Introducing the mechanism for popularizing and expanding renewable energy after the end of feed-in tariffs.

Guest speaker: Mr. Hideki Shingai, CEO of TNK and the Marketing Executive of renewable energy business unit at Toshiba ESS.

(2) [Development of small hydropower and utilization in the region]

  • We will talk about the process leading up to commercialization, the system used, how to solve possible problems, utilization of electric power, business model in the near future, etc.

Guest speaker: Mr. Jun Kuwahara, CEO of ELIS Co.,LTD.


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