【Oil Industry Newspaper】Eco-Pro/Okayama Shinkin Bank SDGs, ELIS’s small hydropower received award one after another.


"WaterWeco®, a small hydroelectric power generator that can generate electricity with high efficiency even at low heads" developed by ELIS (Okayama City, President Jun Kuwahara), which is engaged in the environmental business of the Tsubame Gas Group, has been receiving a lot of attention. WaterWeco® has gained its adopted experience in its features such as (1) low head and low flow rate, (2) good power generation efficiency, and (3) original remote monitoring system. On December 9th, ELIS received the Excellence Award at the "2021 Eco-Pro Award" sponsored by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization. The award ceremony was held at the special stage of Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward, Tokyo, and President Kuwahara was presented with a certificate and a commemorative gift. There were 33 applications for the 4th Eco-Pro Award, and as a result of rigorous screening, 15 were nominated and selected as the Excellence Award next to the Minister's Award. This is the first time that a company related to city gas and LP gas has won the Excellence Award. In addition, in their home city, Okayama, ELIS received the best award in the business category of the "Okayama Shinkin SDGs Award 2021". On the same day, an award ceremony was held at the Okayama Shinkin Head Office, and a subsidy was awarded.

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