【Sangyohodoushuppan】ELIS is winning two Awards, Highly rated for small hydropower systems(2022 New year special issues)


ELIS, A group company of Tubame Holdings, which is engaged in renewable energy and saving energy business (President; Jun Kuwahara, in Okayama City), announced in September last year the "Small hydroelectric generation system (Micro hydroelectric generation)" that is being jointly developed by Nagasaki University and West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory(Sasebo City, Nagasaki) received the Excellence Award at the "4th Eco Pro-Award" (sponsored by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization). Therefore, President Kuwahara attended the award ceremony held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) on December 9. The company also won the highest award "Best Award" in the business category of the "Okayama Shinkin SDGs Award 2021" (sponsored by Okayama Shinkin Bank). The award recognizes companies and individuals who are actively working to achieve the SDGs, and this is the second time it has been held. At this year, 108 companies, schools, and individuals applied the award, and 28 organizations received the award. ELIS seems to have received high praise for the activities of the small hydroelectric generation system. The award ceremony was held at the Okayama Shinkin Bank Head Office (Okayama City) on the 9th.

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