【Announcement】Okayama Shinkin SDGs Award 2021・Award Ceremony


At the Okayama Shinkin SDGs Awards sponsored by Okayama Shinkin Bank, our "Small hydroelectric power generation WaterWeco® that generates electricity with high efficiency even under low head and low flow rate" received the "Best Award".

On December 9, 2021, at the "Okayama Shinkin SDGs Award 2021" award ceremony at the Okayama Shinkin Bank head office, CEO of our group company Tsubame Gas Co.,Ltd, Rei Kuwahara and general manager, Hirotaka Kobiki are participated the ceremony and received the award.


About the Award

‘The Okayama Shinkin SDGs Awards’ Business category, Best SDGs Award

Small Hydroelectric Power Generation WaterWeco® which can generate electricity with high efficiency even with a low-head.

About Okayama Shinkin Bank Award (Japanese)

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