【Oil Industry Newspaper】ELIS exhibited Sustainable Technology Exhibition ''ELIS Small-Hydropower System''


Online exhibition’’Sustainable Technology Exhibition 2021’’was held by the United Nation International Development Organization, Tokyo office on 13th October for three days.

The Small-Hydropower system ‘Water Weco®’ which is winner of the 4th Eco-Pro Award was exhibited in an online exhibition to the world. The system is manufactured and sold by ELIS, a group of Tubame Holdings which has a core business for LP gas (President; Jun Kuwahara).

There were 25 exhibiting companies with sustainable technology registered in the Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform, UNIDO Tokyo office, the exhibition introduced the four fields of technology: energy, environment, agribusiness, and health and hygiene, ELIS was introduced in the energy field. The exhibition was accessible from anywhere at any time during the days, and the exhibition was provided in English, and there was no interpreter, Japanese version site, because the exhibition was intended to introduce those technologies to the world. Thus, Its registration, product instructions, virtual chat, emails and communication with virtual visitors etc. all the services were in English.

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