【Oil Industry Newspaper】 Exhibited at Sustainable Technology Exhibition ELIS Small Hydropower System


Tsubame Gas (Okayama City, President Satoshi Kuwahara) announced that a group company ELIS (President Jun Kuwahara) will exhibit at the online exhibition "Sustainable Technology Exhibition 2021" sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Tokyo Office on September 30. The exhibition introduces the excellent technologies possessed by Japanese companies in the four fields of energy, environment, agribusiness, and health and hygiene. This time, 25 Japanese companies with technologies registered in the Sustainable Technology Dissemination Platform (STePP) operated by the Tokyo office will exhibit. ELIS will exhibit "WaterWeco®", a small hydroelectric power generation system manufactured and sold in-house in the energy field. You can access it anytime, anywhere during the period from October 13th to 15th. Visitors are free to visit the booth, browse and download electronic files and videos, and interact with exhibitors using the chat and email functions. However, since the purpose is to disseminate sustainable technology overseas, the introduction will be in English, and there will be no interpreter or Japanese version. ELIS will also be "ELIS CO., LTD."

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