【Petrochemical Newspaper】 Efficiently won the ELIS Small Hydropower


The small hydroelectric power generation system "WaterWeco®" developed by ELIS (Headquarters: Okayama City, President Jun Kuwahara), a group company of Tsubame Holdings, received the Excellence Award at the "Eco-Pro Award" is sponsored by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization on September 8th. A unique technology that can generate electricity with high efficiency even in a low head and low flow rate environment was recognized. President Kuwahara, who met online on the 15th, said, "Small hydroelectric power generation is capable of stable power generation regardless of the weather. So far, it has been installed in 10 locations such as Okayama, Shiga, and Hiroshima to promote its widespread use throughout Japan. It can efficiently convert existing water currents such as agricultural canals into energy, is friendly to the natural environment, and has a quick return on investment. " By optimizing the shape, number, and angle of the blades of the turbine, the power generation efficiency is improved, and stable power generation is secured even in agricultural canals where the flow rate fluctuates greatly depending on the season. Obtained trademark registration and patent in October last year. (Excerpt)

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