【Industrial Press Publishing】 Highly evaluated for the environmental friendliness and power generation efficiency of small hydroelectric power generation. Received the Excellence Award at the Eco-Pro Award.


ELIS (Okayama City, President Jun Kuwahara), a group company of Tsubame Holdings, which is engaged in renewable energy-related businesses from various angles, has been jointly developing with Nagasaki University and Nishinihon Fluid Giken (Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture). "Hydropower system" (micro hydropower) won the Excellence Award at the "4th Eco-Pro Award" (sponsored by Sustainable Management Promotion Organization) announced on the 8th. The Eco-Pro Award is highly evaluated by businesses, consumers, investors and market participants in the Japanese market, and deals with products, services, technologies, solutions, business models, etc. that specifically incorporate excellent environmental consideration. This award is given for the purpose of promoting the further development and dissemination of these products and contributing to the creation of a sustainable society. Established in 2018. The small hydroelectric power generation jointly developed by ELIS has features which can generate electricity stably regardless of the weather if there is a stable amount of water such as existing rivers, artificial rivers, hydroelectric power plant discharge water, industrial water, and agricultural water. It can be said to be the ultimate eco-energy system from the viewpoint that it does not require a large amount of water and does not generate carbon dioxide at all. President Kuwahara said, "In the actual field, we received high praise for responding to issues such as topographical deformation at the time of installation, construction period, maintenance, and fluctuations in power generation efficiency due to flow rate increase / decrease, and for improving power generation efficiency." (Omitted below)

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