【Oil Industry Newspaper】ELIS won Excellence Award of Eco-Pro Award from small hydropower generation


ELIS (Okayama City, President Jun Kuwahara) announced on the 8th that the small hydroelectric power generation system "WaterWeco®" manufactured and sold by the company won the Excellence Award at the "4th Eco-Pro Award" (sponsored by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization). The point that "in the actual field, the power generation efficiency was improved against the conventional problems such as topographical deformation at the time of installation, construction period, maintenance, and fluctuation of power generation efficiency due to flow rate increase / decrease" led to high evaluation. He also said, "We have devised ways to improve power generation efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. We have solved some of the problems of conventional hydroelectric power generation." "Many channels always have a certain amount of water flow, and the water flow in such places can be efficiently converted into energy." "Japan's energy is renewable, and resilience needs to be increased in order to promote regional decentralization, but it can be an effective option." This system promotes further development and dissemination by commending products, services, etc. that are highly evaluated by market participants and specifically incorporate excellent environmental consideration, and to create a sustainable society. It started in 18 with the purpose of contributing. (Omitted below)

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