【Report】Registration of Mini Hydroelectric Power Generation in 「STePP」


ELIS which makes and sells Mini Hydroelectric Power Generation System  announced that WaterWeco was registrated Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform「STePP」of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo in brief. President Kuwahara limited only selling WaterWeco in Japan, but expanded to be subjest to the world included Japan considering development to the next stage. This project is the first step to expand ful-fledged overseas. UNIDO is the one of international professional organizations. Headquarter is located in Vienna, Austria, and ITPO (Investment and Technology Promotion Offices) is located in Tokyo where it is the one place of nine places in  the world. In developing countries and market economy transition countries, we promote ISID (Inclusive and Sustainable Indutrial Development) and aim at realization of fair economic development. Applied technology examines 5 points of view which consist of applicability of developing countries, comparative advantage regarding competitive technologies, integration of industrial development roles to take responsibility for UNIDO, sustainability, and technology maturity. Eligible categories consist of four related technologies, energies, environments, agribusinesses, and hygienes, but WaterWeco registered as energy related technology. In additon, registration of same category is about 50 per year. (Excerpts)

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