【Clean Energy】January, 2021 TECHNICAL REPORT “Model test on the performance of breast shot water wheel –Effect of flow control method on efficiency”


"In this paper, we introduced the findings revealed in the model test on the effect of the flow control method on the performance of the breast shot water wheel WaterWeco®. It was shown that it is more effective to keep the horizontal distance between the turbine and the chest wall properly than the method of moving the impeller vertically when controlling the flow rate flowing into the breast shot water wheel. One guideline for increasing the efficiency of this turbine is to install the impeller horizontally about the water level on the upstream side from the reference position and on the downstream side. Within the scope of this experiment, it was shown that the turbine performance near the design point would be similar if these installation conditions were followed. In addition, concrete figures are shown for the results of predicting the actual performance of the irrigated and non-irrigated periods estimated from the model experiment. "(Excerpt)

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