【Oil Industry Newspaper】November 24, 2020 Issue “Domestic Patent Obtained WaterWeco “World Patent Industry ELIS


Under the umbrella of Tsubame Holdings (Okayama City), ELIS (President Jun Kuwahara, Okayama City), which manufactures and sells mini hydroelectric power generation, will trademark its own mini hydroelectric power generation system "WaterWeco®" in Japan on September 30th. It also announced that it has been registered as a patent and that it is applying for a world patent.
The system is a mini hydroelectric (micro hydroelectric) open-type circulating fluid water turbine jointly developed with the company, Nagasaki University, and West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory. We have been registering the intellectual property of two patterns of impellers with the patent offices of Japan, the United States, Europe, Taiwan, and China.
The turbine is often installed in agricultural canals where the flow rate fluctuates, but the installation could only be designed according to a certain flow rate. According to the company, "The result of this research and development has made it possible to develop a water turbine that can adapt to fluctuations in flow rate," and the technology will be announced by a joint research partner in January next year.
The company has installed 10 units mainly in Okayama prefecture so far. Promote the spread and expansion as an important element of regional revitalization.
The Kuwadani ELIS Power Station (Kuroki, Kamo-cho, Tsuyama City), which is a typical installation site, started operation in November 2018 for charging small EVs (electric vehicles). It has a diameter of 1400 mm, a width of 1216 mm, a height of 4440 mm, and a rated power generation of 0.5 mm.
President Kuwahara served as a lecturer at "Water School 2020" sponsored by the city, and fully cooperated in the production of videos on the water environment for elementary school students. It has been widely open to the public since August 29 for environmental education.
President Kuwahara said, "As a stable power source in the devastated mountainous areas, we plan to utilize it for the promotion of agriculture, fisheries, etc. based on sustainable mini hydroelectric power generation, and the alliance with an LP gas company is optimal for that. I think. "
"If you are a business operator operating an LP gas business in an area with abundant water resources, centered on agricultural canals such as Hokuriku, Kanto Koshinetsu, and Tohoku, it is also a system that you can get involved in sales and maintenance of WaterWeco®." We have set up a dedicated website for the system, so please refer to it. ]
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