【Report】Tsuyama City Sponsored “Water School 2020” Environmental Education Video Production


The annual "Water School" event sponsored by Tsuyama City was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so instead of the above event, we made a video of environmental education for elementary school students in the city.

We received a cooperation request from Tsuyama City to "use mini hydroelectric power generation as environmental education related to water."


■ Shooting ①: Kuroki from our company explained "Overview of mini hydroelectric power generation"



■ Shooting ②: Kobiki from our company explained  "control panel / utilization of generated electricity" 



■ Shooting ③: "Original environmental song performance" by the band "Cynthia"

* Electricity generated by 100% mini hydroelectric power generation is used for the performance.


* Kuwahara from our company plays as a bassist


After the above shooting, FM Tsuyama recorded the original environmental song "What You Can Do for the Earth" on the radio.

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