【Report】Exhibited at “Chugoku-Shikoku Environmental Business Net (B-net) Forum 2019”


On November 14, 2019, we exhibited WaterWeco® at the "Chu-Shikoku Environmental Business Net (B-net) Forum 2019" sponsored by the Okayama Prefectural Industrial Promotion Foundation.
In order to build a sustainable sound material-cycle society, it is important to promote initiatives such as promoting the effective use of resources and the recycling of waste. Under these circumstances, the sound-cycle industry is required to develop new technologies for effective utilization of recycled resources (waste) and respond to market needs. On the other hand, as new technologies and business models are increasingly used across prefectural borders, it is becoming important to form a wide-area network. Against this background, people from a wide area centered on the Chugoku-Shikoku region gathered to exhibit new technologies and products and disseminate information to deepen mutual exchanges among participants and promote the environmental industry.

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