【Report】Lecture and exhibition on “Takao ELIS Power Plant in Niimi City” at “Clean Energy Fair 2019” hosted by Yamanashi Prefecture Energy Bureau and Enterprise Bureau


On September 20, 2019, the Clean Energy Fair 2019 sponsored by the Yamanashi Prefectural Energy Bureau and Corporate Bureau was held at the Yamanashi Prefectural Office Disaster Prevention New Building.


Invited as a lecturer to a lecture on mini hydroelectric power generation, "From concept to installation of micro hydroelectric power generation utilizing agricultural waterways at Takao ELIS Power Plant in Niimi City-To solve problems in mountainous areas, electricity for local production and local consumption I gave a lecture entitled "Realization of SDGs to Challenge with".
Thank you for listening enthusiastically from afar.

The outline is from the story about the various businesses of micro hydro power generation that we have been working on with various people for more than 10 years, the reason why we specialized in the development of open type circular turbines, and the first in western Japan. From the concept of the Takao ELIS power plant in Niimi City to the design, various application procedures during deregulation, the inside story at the time of construction that had unexpected difficulties, the maintenance management system using IoT and the new system, and the organization that received support a researcher who is enthusiastic and has excellent analytical ability, a comparative estimation of the business profitability of a high-efficiency breast shot water wheel and an ETV demonstration turbine developed from the encounter with the laboratory, and 6 of SDGs that must be achieved by 2030 for local production and consumption of electric power that a model project can achieve the goals of the items, and the positive cooperation of local governments that understand the demographics of the region, the energy situation, and the challenges facing the region is essential, and there is no waiting. Necessity of changing awareness about climate change, correct understanding of differences in CO2 emissions from an ethical and sustainable perspective for each power generation method, uncertain infrastructure investment situation and decentralized energy utilization on the eve of separation of dispatched electricity We talked about the features and future potential of small-scale mobility.

From now on, we hope that a free energy economic cycle society will come, where we can break away from a large-scale centralized energy-intensive society by utilizing distributed energy and IoT, and play a part in creating a city full of smiles for children in the future.

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Not limited to mini hydropower, renewable energy has the potential to be endless depending on the idea of its utilization.
Then, I would like to expand to various places by hearing the problems of local governments and waterway managers, presenting solutions, and realizing them, we will form a project for mini hydroelectric power generation so that we can also carry out regional revitalization projects that have a high affinity with the power generation business.

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In addition, at our exhibition booth held at another venue, we introduced our knowledge and the latest technology. Thank you for visiting the exhibition booth.


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