【Report】JICA Mexico Trainees Visit Takao ELIS Power Plant in Niimi City


On Friday, August 30, 2019, two Mexican trainees studying in the course that one of the Hiroshima University Industry-Academia-Regional Collaboration Center Global Innovation Division's country-specific training and the Japan-India Strategic Global Partnership Training "Venture Creation and Innovation Ecosystem Construction" , a specially appointed professor at Hirami Hiroshima University, and an industry-academia-government collaboration coordinator at Nakano Hiroshima University visited our company, Takao ELIS Power Station in Niimi City.

In an attempt to investigate and research how Japanese local industries have been formed, and to utilize the research for industrial development in Japan and Mexico in the future, I referred to our power plant, which is engaged in the business rooted in the region by low-flow, low-head micro hydropower generation.


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