【Sanyo Shimbun Sakusyu wide edition】 micro power generation equipment completed Supply to campsite from this spring


February 8, 2019 An article was published in the Sanyo Shimbun Sakushu Wide Edition, "Flood Bypass of Kamo Kuwatani Power Station, ELIS Maintenance, Micro Power Generation Equipment Completed, Supply to Campsite from This Spring".
The outline is as follows.
"The micro hydroelectric power generation facility that ELIS (Fukuda, Minami-ku, Okayama City) of the renewable energy business had installed in the drainage channel of JA Tsuyama's Kamo Kuwadani Power Station (Kuroki, Kamo Town, Tsuyama City) has been completed. It will be supplied to the field and used as a model for local production and consumption of electric power.
The power generation facility was installed about 40 meters downstream of the drainage channel from the power plant. It is an "open type undershot water wheel" that rotates a turbine with a stream of water, and the turbine rotates to move a motor to generate electricity.
The company plans to discuss specific operation methods with the city and JA in the future. Instead of selling electricity, it will be stored in a power storage facility, and will be used to charge small electric vehicles used at the Kuroki Campsite operated by the City Tourism Association. It is also envisioned to be used as an emergency power source in the event of a disaster.
There was an inauguration ceremony at the site, and Mr. Jun Kuwahara, President of ELIS, and Mayor Keizo Taniguchi, who attended, said, "This is a regional circulation type facility that is unique in Japan. I would like to continue to cooperate in achieving the vision of a low-carbon city." "

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