【FM Tsuyama】Radio Live Information Talk Program Guest Appearance


Our CEO Kuwahara appeared on FM Tsuyama's live broadcast on December 5th at noon. The content was the story of "Kuwadani ELIS Power Station, Tsuyama City," a mini hydroelectric power plant for local production and local consumption at the Kuroki Campground in Tsuyama City, where the inauguration ceremony tape was cut with Keizo Taniguchi, the mayor of Tsuyama City on November 16th. Given the rapid increase in gas station depopulated areas, where you have to travel 60km round trip to refuel, due to changes in the energy situation since the Paris Agreement came into effect, it was a short time to talk about environmental education, but a nice radio. The personality (Mr. Misuzu Fukuyoshi, Mr. Kozo Yamada ̪̪) was exciting. I would like to make an effort to create a sustainable energy society to achieve the vision of "Low Carbon City Tsuyama".

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