【Report】Lecture on “Environmental Policy” at Okayama University of Science


Wednesday, June 27, 2018 13: 15-14: 45

ELIS CO., LTD. CEO Kuwahara gave a lecture at the lecture on environmental policy taken by 3rd and 4th grade students of the Faculty of Business Administration, Okayama University of Science.

The theme is "Think about the current energy problems and the future."

First, we touched on the current state of energy generation and utilization and issues in the world, held group discussions on the theme of future energy policy in the world and Japan, and presented opinions for each group.

Next, as an example of a problem-solving method using renewable energy, we touched on the importance of using environmental energy, presented materials such as vital statistics, reduction of gas stations, business plans using ultra-small mobility, and income and expenditure simulation, and actually We held group discussions and presented opinions for each group on the theme of how this business model would be accepted by the market.

Everyone in each group also stated the reason why they think so about their opinions.

It was a very meaningful time to be able to discuss the issues of environmental energy policy without waiting with the young people who will carry Japan in the future.



















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