Use of LED display board for rest stop environment enlightenment

Issues before installation

I thought that the value of micro hydropower, which is an effective means for environmental energy, would be easier to understand in areas with abundant water resources, but in Japan, electricity is sufficient almost everywhere, the frosty view that a small amount of electricity is useless was predominant. However, since it was immediately after the catastrophe caused by the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Station accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, there was a certain understanding of the installation.

Installation purpose

The event information of the "Headwater Summit" is sent to the high-spec LED display panel with 100% local production for local consumption by mini hydroelectric power generation, and we provide an opportunity to think about the potential of water resources in the headwater village where people gather together from all over Japan at the "Headwater Summit".

Benefits of Introduction

It was possible to effectively use the constantly flowing spring water as an electric power resource, and to show the potential of hydropower to the people involved in the headwaters villages from all over the country.


Place of installation:  Shinjo-village, Okayama Prefecture
Waterwheel: Open type overhang water turbine
Shape: Diameter 0.7m
Width  2.188m
Maximum flow: 15ℓ/s
Rated power output: 0.04kW
Crop start period: October 21-23, 2012

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