Use of park lightning

Issues before installation

There was anxiety about charge control technology for stable self-consumption of generated electricity, specifically, it was necessary to develop control equipment.

Installation purpose

Enlighten the citizens with environmentally friendly micro hydropower.

Benefits of Introduction

Not only as an environmental awareness symbol, but also as a disaster-resistant micro-hydro power generation system, we were able to widely publicize the possibility of a local production for local consumption power system both inside and outside the country.


Place of installation:  Nishigawa Ryokudo Park in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
Waterwheel: Open type overhang water turbine
Shape: Diameter 0.7m
Width  2.188m
Maximum flow: 32ℓ/s
Rated power output: 0.063kW
Crop start period: 2009 Summer

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